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  • 4 Security Tips for Hotels Relating to Firearms

    30 October 2017

    Hotels receive many guests and some of these are licenced firearm holders. Such people will always have their firearms and ammunition with them when they check into the premises. Unless proper precautions are taken, they pose a danger to other people. Below are several security tips relating to firearms that can be adopted at your hotel: All firearms should be deposited at the reception It is necessary to place visible signs at the reception which requires that all firearms and ammunition should be left at the reception.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Pick a Hostel When Travelling As a Family

    8 May 2017

    Lots of people think that hostels are solely used by younger travellers, but there are plenty of hostels out there that are also more than happy to accommodate families. It might sound like an odd idea to stay at a hostel with your family instead of booking the traditional hotel, but there are actually plenty of great reasons why you should consider it when looking at various places for family accommodation.

  • Enjoy the Ultimate Romantic Getaway with a Luxury Private Charter

    24 April 2017

    Spending quality time with the one you love is a great way to reconnect, so why not enjoy the ultimate romantic experience with a luxury private charter? While many see renting a yacht as a group activity, there's no reason why you can't enjoy the seclusion of life on the open waters as a couple. From exploring Australia's hidden coves together to relaxing in opulence as the waves rock beneath you, there are many reasons to use a private yacht charter for your next break.

  • Having an Alcohol Free Party for an 18th Birthday

    21 April 2017

    If you are looking to have an 18th birthday for a person in your life but want to keep the event alcohol free (for social or ethical reasons) you can find it tricky to find a venue that feels adult enough without alcohol. Here are some ideas. 'At home' party One option is to have a party at home, especially if you have a suitable entertaining space. This can be a lot of work to organise as the parents often need to buy and serve food and drinks.